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World's First Currency With Weekly Allowance. For Everyone.
zippcoin is the world’s first currency that comes with a weekly allowance.  For everyone.  Sign up with Facebook or Twitter and receive a weekly allowance.  Simple.  No special hardware or software required.
You can send some to your friends, just to try it.  Because next week, you’ll get more.
World's First Transparent Money
zippcoin is the world’s first transparent currency.  Your zippcoin is your zippcoin, but any zippcoin account can be seen by any other zippcoin account.  All account balances and account transactions are visible to others.
World's First Virtual Currency Designed for Ease of Use
zippcoin is the world’s first virtual currency that is designed for ease of use and the modern user experience.  Sign in using Facebook or Twitter.  Use your existing contacts, or send to anyone with an email address, even if they don’t have an account yet.
You can even Tweet someone zippcoin (see the hashtag below).  And of course, it doesn’t matter if you lose your password, or your personal device.

Learn 3 things you can do with zippcoin right now, here.


What is virtual money?

Generally speaking, virtual money, or virtual currency, is a currency that is digital only and that is not created by a national government.

What is money?

Most broadly, money is simply a means of storing value, with some varying dependency on prevalent social convention.

Money may be based on a commodity that has at least some intrinsic utility, for example salt or gold, or money may be “fiat money,” which has no intrinsic value.

What is zippcoin?

Zippcoin is a virtual currency that was created to bring new innovations to currency:

Zippcoin is the first transparent money.  Anyone can see anyone else’s account balance.

Zippcoin is the first currency to give everyone a weekly allowance.  No special software required.

Zippcoin is the first virtual currency to be designed for ease of use.  It is OK to loose your password or your device, and you can send it using email, Facebook and Twitter.

What is transparent money?

Transparent money means that any account holder can see any other account holder’s account information, including account balance and full transaction history.

To see transparent zippcoin accounts, click the transparency tab (looks like a magnifying glass) at the bottom of your zippcoin wallet, and explore.

How do I receive my zippcoin weekly allowance? What are the terms of the allowance?

Any single person who signs up using either Facebook and/or Twitter will receive a weekly allowance.  The system uses Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and basic metrics from these account to help validate with reasonable certainty that users are distinct unique individuals.  Note that women account holders, as defined by the self-selected Facebook category, receive somewhat more than the default personal weekly amount.

Also note that adding your email information (either before or after you sign up with Facebook or Twitter) is recommended for the fullest system functionality).

What can I do with zippcoin? How do I get value out of it?

Zippcoin is new virtual currency that is very early in its life, so early that it can not yet be traded for other currencies (such as dollars) or accepted in traditional stores.

That said, it can be easily sent to and spent on friends, and it is designed to be very easy to experiment with in this way.  After all, each week you receive more, so if even you spent all of your first week’s allowance on something (or on someone) right after you opened an account, next week you’d have your account replenished and you’d be back to where you started.

Another way to think about it is that there is some inherent value in the time component of your allowance.  If you receive 100 zippcoin each week, would you spend 1 zippcoin to purchase a simple item like a small bag of chips, or a drink – or a simple errand – from a friend?  Probably.

But if you receive 100 zippcoin each week, after 6 months (26 weeks) you’d have 2600 zippcoin.  Would you give up all 2600, what it took you 6 months to receive, for a small bag of chips?  Probably not!

So in this example the value of a small bag of chips would be somewhere between 1 zippcoin and 2600 zippcoin.  And you can have fun deciding where exactly that is.

You can read more about what you can do with zippcoin right now here.

What are 3 things I can do with zippcoin right now?

1. Help a friend get started with their own weekly allowance.

2. Explore existing zippcoin users.

3. Send someone zippcoin.

Read more details here (and find further options).

Can I cheat the zippcoin allowance system? Can I sign up for more than one allowance account?

The initial anti-fraud system is only rudimentary so, yes, the allowance system can currently be cheated without too much effort.  Certainly some people will try and be successful.  Note that this is against the TOS and that this behavior subjects users to having their accounts retroactively frozen or deleted without notice and subjects users to be permanently barred from the system.

Double dipping is not cool… and bad karma.  Don’t do it.

Anti-abuse efforts will scale with the problem.

How does account creation and account linking work?

Accounts can be created with three different types of credentials: email, Facebook and Twitter.  For full functionality, sign up for all three.  For example, email currently allows the best messaging from the system (for example, when you receive money).  A Facebook account allows you to send and receive money from your Facebook friends, and a Twitter account allows you to tweet money (details below).

If you sign up for an email account first, you can add your Facebook and/or Twitter credentials later and your account credentials will automatically be merged (TBD soon you will be able to sign up for any type of account in any order).

How is zippcoin different than bitcoin?

Bitcoin and zippcoin are both virtual currencies and public experiments, and neither is government backed.

Bitcoin is older and is generally considered the first successful virtual currency.  It is a specific type of virtual currency called a cryptocurrency, which means, in part, that it is maintained by a peer-to-peer network of computers that are supported by multiple independent individuals and companies.  Since its introduction in 2009 bitcoin has gained acceptance with many people around the world as a means to store value and as a form of payment.

New bitcoin is earned by a technical and hardware intensive process called “mining.”

Zippcoin is a new virtual currency introduced in October of 2014.  It was designed with three features new to currency: transparency (whereby all transactions and all accounts are public), allowance (whereby all users automatically receive a weekly allowance i.e. “mining” is not required and all users participate in regularly receiving new currency) and ease of use / social media integration (whereby the sending and receiving of the currency is integrated with major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter).

Zippcoin is a virtual currency but it is not a cryptocurrency.

What does it mean that zippcoin is not a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, is a specific technical type of virtual currency.  Defining characteristics include dependency on a peer-to-peer computer network (that is, there is no central authority “in charge” of the currency) and the use of public and private key encryption technology to enable transactions.  Cryptocurrencies support anonymous use and depend on many independent individuals to maintain the overall system.  Cryptocurrency transactions are deemed valid when a certain number of peers vote to affirm the validity of any given transaction.

Because they are peer-to-peer, cryptocurrencies have the advantage that there is not a “central brain” for individuals or a government to attack.  However, cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible.  There is no “higher authority” to appeal to if something goes wrong.

Also, cryptocurrencies put a lot of responsibility in the hands of their users: if you loose your private key password, or if you loose your device (e.g. laptop or phone) that is storing your coin, you loose your coin.

Zippcoin is based on a client-server model where a central authority monitors all transactions and can reverse accidental or fraudulent transactions.  The central authority also makes it easy to create and enforce policies like transparency and allowance, as well as create and support features like being able to tweet currency.

A client-server model also allows modern user friendly features like password recovery, automatic backups and the ability to access your full account from any modern connected device – phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

What is a zippcoin wallet?

A “wallet” is simply another name for your zippcoin account.

How do I know how many zippcoin I have?

Your zippcoin balance can be found within your zippcoin wallet.

How does one send zippcoin to another account?

A user may immediately send zippcoin to anyone via an email address, or to a Facebook friend or a Twitter address, even if the receiver has not yet registered for their zippcoin account.

If a user sends zippcoin to an address of someone who has not yet registered that address with zippcoin, the zippcoin that is sent is simply held for that person until they register that specific account.

How come I can't do more with zippcoin right now?

Great question.

Zippcoin is in early alpha and is just getting started. (Congratulations for being early!)

Utility will take time.  It took Bitcoin (which is to date, the most successful virtual currency) almost 1 1/2 years until someone could make the first purchase ever (a pizza! and for 10,000 bitcoin!).  You can read the actual pizza thread here:

Who will be the first to purchase a pizza with zippcoin?

I can tweet zippcoin? Really? How do I do that?

As long as your zippcoin account includes authorization with your Twitter credentials (i.e. if you have ever signed in with your Twitter credentials), you may “tweet money.”

From your Twitter account, simply compose a tweet that includes

  1. The destination Twitter address and
  2. One of the following hashtags: #sendzippcoin or #sendzpc or #zpcsend or #zippcoinsend next to
  3. The number of zippcoin that you want to send.



“Hey @BarackObama have some zippcoin on me #sendzippcoin 25″

would send President Obama, or, more precisely, his staff, 25 zippcoin, as long as you have at least 25 zippcoin in your account.

“Hey @BarackObama have some zippcoin on me 25 #sendzippcoin”

would also accomplish this.

“Hey @BarackObama @ladygaga have some zippcoin #sendzpc 25″

would send BOTH the President’s staff and Lady Gaga each 25 zippcoin (provided you had at least 50 zippcoin in your account).

Note: this usually works, but is not guaranteed. If you want to double check that the coin was actually sent, simply check your account. If the coin was successfully sent, you will have a record of it in your transaction history..

Note also that you can also send zippcoin to any other Twitter account from your everyday zippcoin wallet using your zippcoin wallet’s standard “Send” function, simply enter either the desired person’s Twitter friendly name or their actual Twitter address in the “Recipient” field.

How can I get more zippcoin than I receive from my allowance?

Most simply you can earn it from your friends and acquaintances.

Temporarily, you can also invite others to sign up for an account (if users sign up for new accounts and fill out the appropriate field in the sign in process).

Finally, under “Get zippcoin” in the zippcoin wallet you can buy small amounts from the system on occasion at a system determined price (currently roughly $0.01 per zippcoin as of Oct 2014).

How secure is zippcoin? Is zippcoin safe? Can zippcoin break? Can zippcoin be hacked?

Zippcoin is secure by everyday standards.  All zippcoin transactions happen over a 128-bit encrypted secure web service using the industry-standard HTTPS protocol.

Unlike many other virtual currencies, you can lose your zippcoin password or a personal computing device (laptop / phone / tablet) and your zippcoin are still safe. Since zippcoin wallets are cloud-based, standard consumer practices such as password recovery and device independence are inherent core features. The zippcoin system itself is secured on a cloud-based platform with the support of one of the largest federated data centers in the world and is mirrored in diverse independent locations. The zippcoin system can survive even the complete loss of a data center – or even multiple data centers. The zippcoin system complies with all major IT security standards, including but not limited to SOC, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001. In addition, the zippcoin system is regularly security tested by independent third parties.

Zippcoin will on occasion break and, yes, zippcoin can be hacked.  But the zippcoin system is continuously backed up and is heavily redundant so even very unusual problems or heavy attack should be resolvable, eventually.

Note to hackers: naturally, we’d appreciate it if you didn’t take all this as a dare.  We’re sure you can make a mess of things if you want (we can mess up stuff too) but we do keep cold backups so eventually we’ll be back after we both waste time on each other.  On the other hand, if you feel you have chops and want some exercise, we absolutely welcome white hat work.  First, of course, please contact us (please see our “About’ page).  Peace!

What happens if goes down? What will happen to my zippcoin?

In the event that temporarily goes down, your zippcoin will remain safe. All zippcoin balances and transaction histories are securely stored in zippcoin’s heavily redundant cloud-based platform.

Are there fees on transactions?

No. There are zero fees for any transactions. This is one of the cool benefits that are typical of virtual currencies.

Zippcoin is not perfect, and sometimes it breaks!

Yup, zippcoin breaks every now and again.  We do apologize.  We don’t like it either.

If you have a specific bug that you would like to draw our attention to, or a feature to suggest, we always appreciate it.  Please email us at feedback@zippcoin.

I see zippcoin behavior or features not documented here!

The zippcoin system is in alpha and will continue to evolve to improve accessibility to all and to encourage engagement.

While certainly major changes will be announced and documented, not all changes will be announced or documented, and some changes that appear major may be deliberately temporary in order to test new features.

If you believe you found a bug or a flaw, or see something that could be improved, certainly go here and please let zippcoin know.

And, of course, if you have feedback on anything you see, please contact zippoin here or simply email zippoin at

Thank you!

I have more questions that aren't answered here.

Please ping us!  Simply check out our About page for contact info.

What happens next? What happens in the long run?

Zippcoin, like other virtual currencies, is an experiment.

You do have a choice:

(a) you can walk away or (b) you can sign up, start collecting your allowance, then simply wait and see what happens.

I like this experiment. How can I help?

We do need plenty of help to make this work.

Please go to the About page for contact info – and give us a ping!

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