Zippcoin’s System Update

The experiment continues!   Based on user feedback the zippcoin team has just completed a significant system upgrade.   Phone number validation now required The zippcoin system was recently updated with several important updates to enhance the security of the system and to better protect current zippcoin account holders. Most significantly: all accounts, old and new, must now validate their a ...[Read More]

Zippcoin and the Day to Day Value of Virtual Currency

Recently there has been significant online discussion about the value of virtual currency in general and also specifically the day to day value of Bitcoin. Will Hernandez’ post “Andreessen: Bitcoin’s viability is not based on day-to-day value” in particular has sparked much discussion. It quotes Andreessen as making points in three key areas: bootstrapping, innovation, and what might be best ...[Read More]

A Few Quick Comments on the Zippcoin Vision

Zippcoin Vision As we’ve written right at the start, we can’t know exactly where all this may lead but the zippcoin team is committed to creating a system that is reliable, accurate, and above all fair. Zippcoin can never be a completely perfect system, and there will always be issues to address, especially as we grow. But our core principles will remain: a basic allowance for all, transpare ...[Read More]

A Few Quick Comments on Zippcoin Growth

Zippcoin Growth We would like to comment on the fantastic growth that zippcoin seen over the last few weeks. Within a very short period of time we have seen number of people signing up to zpc grow exponentially. The team is thrilled that the zippcoin experiment is beginning to find a wider audience, and that account holders are spreading the word about the experiment to family and friends. (After ...[Read More]

Why Zippcoin Is Invite Only

Invite Only Zippcoin is invite-only for two reasons: rewarding zippcoin users and increasing trust.  Rewarding All Users Virtual currencies are all created with two steps.  First, currency founders decide on a core concept.  Second, the founders launch and market the coin. However, marketing can only take a currency so far, and the success of any coin depends on a third step:  ultimately, the succ ...[Read More]

Zippcoin Launches World’s First Currency That Comes with an Allowance – and World’s First Transparent Money

SEATTLE – Nov 13, 2014 Zippcoin launched the world’s first virtual currency that provides everyone with a weekly allowance and which is the world’s first transparent money. Zippcoin provides all users with a weekly allowance – as long as they validate that they are a unique individual by using a personal Facebook or Twitter account. Furthermore, as a means to build trust in ...[Read More]

3 Reasons Why Zippcoin Is Not a Cryptocurrency – and Why for Many, That’s Better

Virtual currency has burst on the scene over the last two years. The reason, of course, is bitcoin. And the reason in turn that bitcoin burst on the scene is its block chain – aka “cryptocurrency” – technology. The block chain is fascinating, brilliant and it deserves all the attention it gets. The block chain may revolutionize currency. It will certainly revolutionize some ...[Read More]

A 30 Second Welcome to Something New

Something New Hello.  And welcome to zippcoin. zippcoin is the world’s first currency that provides everyone a weekly allowance. And zippcoin does this with the world’s first currency that is completely transparent. A Currency Optimized for Individuals, Not for Governments Virtual currency technology allows a currency to be created that is designed for individual people rather than for natio ...[Read More]