A Few Quick Comments on the Zippcoin Vision

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Zippcoin Vision

As we’ve written right at the start, we can’t know exactly where all this may lead but the zippcoin team is committed to creating a system that is reliable, accurate, and above all fair.

Zippcoin can never be a completely perfect system, and there will always be issues to address, especially as we grow. But our core principles will remain: a basic allowance for all, transparency in all accounts, and rewards for those who participate to help the system grow.

THANK YOU for all the feedback we have received! We appreciate all the feedback we get and we learn a lot from everyone’s comments and questions. We apologize for not being able to acknowledge every comment or answer every question.

The Future

We’ll have more announcements soon as we continue to update and upgrade the zippcoin system. Please follow zippcoin on twitter @zippcoin for the very latest updates!

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