Zippcoin Launches World’s First Currency That Comes with an Allowance – and World’s First Transparent Money

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SEATTLE – Nov 13, 2014 Zippcoin launched the world’s first virtual currency that provides everyone with a weekly allowance and which is the world’s first transparent money.

Zippcoin provides all users with a weekly allowance – as long as they validate that they are a unique individual by using a personal Facebook or Twitter account.

Furthermore, as a means to build trust into the system, zippcoin is the world’s first fully transparent currency. All account information is visible to all users, including account ownership, account balance and account transaction history. Zippcoin users can log on and see the account details of any other zippcoin account, and even a map of the home cities of other zippcoin users.

“We want to push boundaries of what is possible with currency,” said Ivan Sucharski, co-founder. “Universal accessibility, through a weekly allowance, provides everyone an easy entry point and can help many more people participate and experiment with virtual currency. Furthermore, visibility, through total account transparency, can help prevent currency misuse and potentially even currency theft.”

Zippcoin requires no investment to get started and requires no software to download as zippcoin is 100% cloud based.

“To be consumer friendly, and to be a good candidate for what is likely many consumer’s first experience with virtual currency, it was important to provide a currency that comes natively with the usual consumer features such as the ability to access your account from any device and the ability to reset a password,” said Ivan. “These features are common among consumer applications for good reason.”

Other currency features include the ability to send currency to email, Facebook and Twitter addresses, and the ability to use a tweet to send money from one account to another.

Early account holders from zippcoin’s private alpha come from 18 different countries across the globe.

“We’ve been excited about the reception so far,” said Ivan. “Transparent money usually sounds a little shocking at first. But then people often begin to think of the potential advantages and become excited to join us in the experiment. ”

“We know we can’t change the world overnight,” Ivan adds, “but we’re patient and our users are patient. Many simply open an account to begin collecting their allowance and are waiting to see what will happen over time.”

“We can’t promise we know where this will take us,” Ivan volunteers, “and we know there’ll be hiccups along the way, but we all want to see where this goes.”

About Zippcoin, Inc.: Zippcoin is a virtual currency company based in Seattle, WA. Founded in 2014, zippcoin is the world’s first virtual currency that provides users with a weekly allowance and is the world’s first fully transparent currency.

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Ivan Sucharski, co-founder

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