Zippcoin’s System Update

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The experiment continues!  

Based on user feedback the zippcoin team has just completed a significant system upgrade.


Phone number validation now required

The zippcoin system was recently updated with several important updates to enhance the security of the system and to better protect current zippcoin account holders.

Most significantly: all accounts, old and new, must now validate their account with a unique phone number using a one-time SMS validation process.  

This will help insure that the one account per user policy is better protected and better enforced.


Multiple invites now allowed

Certain accounts will now be allowed to invite multiple users a day.  The system uses a complex algorithm to select certain accounts for this privilege of confirming multiple invites.

If your account has been selected to be able to invite multiple accounts, congratulations!


Allowance schedule announced

To reward early adopters and to prevent possible oversupply, zippcoin will plan to distribute on the following schedule:  

  • 2015: Weekly allowance 125 / Invite bonus 500
  • 2016: Weekly allowance 100 / Invite bonus 400
  • 2017: Weekly allowance 75 / Invite bonus 300
  • 2018: Weekly allowance 50 / Invite bonus 200
  • 2019: Weekly allowance 25 / Invite bonus 100



The recent updates were driven by user feedback.  Keep the feedback coming!


- The zippcoin team

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