A Few Quick Comments on Zippcoin Growth

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Zippcoin Growth

We would like to comment on the fantastic growth that zippcoin seen over the last few weeks.

Within a very short period of time we have seen number of people signing up to zpc grow exponentially. The team is thrilled that the zippcoin experiment is beginning to find a wider audience, and that account holders are spreading the word about the experiment to family and friends. (After all, why not sign up, join zippcoin and see where this goes?)

The value of zippcoin is up to those who use it. There will be people who may decide they are in it for the money and turn around and sell. There are others that will sit and wait as an investment to see if the value of zpc will grow. And there is a third type of person, which we are beginning to see come out of this experiment, the type that will go around and experiment spending zippcoin on items and services with friends and family and others they meet who also see the value of trying zippcoin as an alternative currency. Which person are you? Maybe you are someone unique who has come up with some interesting and new way to use zippcoin? Could you trade zippcoin for an errand from a friend? Would you do a simple chore for zippcoin? Would you make a fun bet with a friend using zippcoin? If so tell us!

As we grow, we will continue to do our best to maintain the integrity of zpc. One way will we do this is to continue to remove any fraudulent accounts we find. (Thank you to everyone who has reported suspicious activity, it has been very helpful!)  Another way we will look after zpc is through regular maintenance and system updates. We thank you for your patience as we work hard to make the system stronger.

We can all watch zippcoin growing.  Looking forward to seeing what comes in the weeks and months ahead!

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