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Something New

Hello.  And welcome to zippcoin.

zippcoin is the world’s first currency that provides everyone a weekly allowance.

And zippcoin does this with the world’s first currency that is completely transparent.

A Currency Optimized for Individuals, Not for Governments

Virtual currency technology allows a currency to be created that is designed for individual people rather than for national governments.

A Currency for Everyone

zippcoin gives everyone a steady supply of currency, every week. 

It doesn’t matter where you live, what your own country’s currency happens to be, what background you have or what your current job is today.

Transparent Money

zippcoin is fully transparent as transparency builds education and trust into any system, and it makes many big problems much smaller.

If everyone can see where money comes from and where money is today – and where money goes next – it becomes very hard to misrepresent, misuse or even to steal funds. 

The Road Ahead

zippcoin is just launching, and the growth of zippcoin will take time. The rules will evolve, and things will, on occasion, break. 

But whatever the challenges ahead, the zippcoin mission will remain to provide the world with the first currency that provides everyone a steady allowance. And do this with the first currency that is completely transparent, to all.

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